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    Unlock the hidden potential in your data with our web services.

    Unlock Places lets you search for places and get back locations. Unlock Places searches across many different sources of gazetteer data and gives back the likely most useful results.

    Unlock’s open data gazetteer contains information from Ordnance Survey Open Data, with worldwide coverage from geonames.org. We’re working on adding OpenStreetmap data to provide worldwide coverage of vector shapes.

    For UK academic use only we also run a gazetteer search across the non-open Ordnance Survey data product, MasterMap. UK academic users can register for an API key if their host institution subscribes to Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection.

    Unlock text provides a “geo-parsing” which extracts references to locations from text or XML metadata and gives a best guess as to their coordinate locations. Unlock Text can be used with either the open or restricted gazetteers to suggest locations for place-names.